The Coast to Coast

The World famous Wainwright's Coast to Coast Walk passes just a few hundred metres from the Guesthouse.

We are the first B&B that walkers come to on their approach to Richmond when walking the route from West to East.


The best way to find us is to drop down from the official route a little early. There's a footpath across a field just a few minutes' walk after the Richmond Sign/Stone Bench on Westfield Road.

If you're on Mountain Bikes then use the bridleway instead, it's a right turn onto a wide stony path about 200m after the Richmond sign.

Both these paths bring you out onto Reeth Road where you should turn left and then you're just half a mile or so to West End.

Download Our Quick Reference Map

For more info on the Coast to Coast walk in general check out the RouteYou Guide below and Anna's Blog from Camino Adventures.