Local Amenities &Leisure Activities


Richmond itself has many boutique shops selling antiques, homewares, clothes, gifts and souvenirs and there are several local artists with outlets in Richmond all showing-off their locally inspired works.

It's well worth taking a trip down to the The Station where you'll find the Richmond Brewing Company, a bakery, ice cream shop, cafe and cinema.

If you need a supermarket then Co-op and Lidl are in the town centre and there's a large Tesco over at Catterick Garrison (about 10 mins by car).

The Post Office is on Finkle Street and there are several ATMs dotted around the Market Square.

Arts and Crafts

Many wonderful craftspeople offering high quality products made from a variety of materials including wood and wool, clay and candle wax, glass, rope, felt and chocolate live and work in the Yorkshire Dales and North Yorkshire Moors. There are a number of craft trails available for you to enjoy. Harrogate International Exhibition Centre also hosts a number of Events throughout the year.


Experience the unique atmosphere of a live performance at the Georgian Theatre Royal or simply take in a guided tour during your visit to Richmond.

Bird Watching

The Yorkshire Dales National Park is an important habitat for many species of birds. Ground nesting birds such as the curlew, the skylark, red grouse, lapwing and oystercatchers can regularly be seen along with many other species of birds.

Horse Racing

Thirsk, Sedgefield, Catterick and York, to name but a few, offer racing events throughout the year from ladies days to family days and championship days. Evening events are also held in the summer months. The British Horseracing Authority is the place to contact for further information.

Steam Railways

Special events are held throughout the year at a number of railway stations around the locality including the Wensleydale Railway and the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. Why not learn to drive a train or step back in time enjoying a ride on a vintage train across beautiful countryside.

Photography, Painting, Drawing & Writing

Whatever your creative interest, Richmond and the surrounding area offer much motivation. Walk a few hundred yards down to the Swale or take the car up into the Dales beyond Reeth and let the countryside inspire you.

Cars and Motorbikes

Tan Hill is possibly the Car Rally and Bike Ride-Out capital of the North. With an event almost every week of the year, and almost every day in the summer, there's much to offer every motorist. Stunning scenery, quaint villages and some of the finest roads you will ever drive on in the country.

Croft Circuit is just 14 miles from the Guest House. If you're attending an event there and need off-road parking for your pride & joy then we are ideally placed.

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