Terms and Conditions

All Room Bookings at West End Guest House are Subject to These Terms &Conditions:

1) Deposit
1.1) All Room bookings must be accompanied by a non-refundable deposit equal to 50% of the total cost of stay paid by a valid debit or credit card.
1.2) Receipt of your deposit confirms your booking and written confirmation will be sent to you by post or via email.
1.3) Overseas card transactions will incur a transaction charge of 5%.

2) Booking on Date of Arrival
2.1) In the event of making a booking on the date of arrival itself and a debit/credit card deposit has not been taken, entry in our booking diary of your full contact details will be considered proof that we have communicated with you in line with the legislation for Guest house accommodation and that the booking has been accepted.

3) Balance of Payment
3.1) The balance of payment can be made by debit/credit card or cash.
3.2) We accept most common forms of credit and debit cards but cannot guarantee all types are compatible with our systems.
3.3) We regret we are unable to accept cheque payment.

4) Cancellation Policy
4.1) If you need to cancel your stay please let us know as soon as possible.
4.2) Cancellation within 72 hours of the first day of the stay, or a no-show, will incur a full charge.
4.3) When travelling as a party, it is your responsibility to inform the other members of your party of the cancellation procedure.
4.4) We take all bookings in good faith and are unable to judge the reasons for change;no exceptions can be made in the event of cancellation. With this in mind, we strongly urge that you cover the cost of your booking with Holiday Insurance.
4.5) We reserve the right to cancel a booking at any time before the date on which your stay begins. We would only expect to do so for unforeseen reasons. In this unlikely event, we shall refund, in full, all money received by us for the booking and do our utmost to find you alternative quality accommodation in the area.

5) Conditions of Stay
5.1) We will in no way discriminate against you on the grounds of gender, race, disability and sexual orientation. If you have a disability you will be accommodated wherever possible based upon the information provided at the time of booking. With this in mind, please do let us know of any special requirements when first booking or call/email to discuss further.
5.2) Check-in is from 4:00pm until 8:00pm.
5.3) Parking, Baggage drop-off or late arrival is by prior agreement only.
5.4) All vehicles parked at West End Guest House are done so at the owner's risk. We cannot accept any liability for any type of loss. This applies whether the vehicle is parked during your stay or at any other time agreed at our discretion.
5.5) Breakfast is served from 7:30am to 8.30am on Monday to Friday and from 8:00am to 9:30am on Saturday and Sunday.
5.6) Check out is no later than 9:30am on Monday to Friday and no later than 10:30am on Saturday and Sunday.
5.7) We can cater for most allergies and dietary requirements but please let us know in advance. Whilst every effort is taken to ensure minimal cross-contamination of ingredients we cannot guarantee 100%.
5.8) If a booking has been accepted on the basis of false statements made by you or any member of your party (either directly or via an agent) we reserve the right to cancel your booking with immediate effect (upon arrival or during your stay). Under these circumstances, we cannot refund any of the monies paid to that date and the full stay charge will still apply.
5.9) If the number of people sleeping in the rooms you have booked exceeds the number booked to stay, if you refuse to accept the accommodation booked on arrival or to accept a suitable alternative, we reserve the right to treat this as a cancellation. Under these circumstances, we cannot refund any of the monies paid to that date and the full stay charge will still apply.
5.10) If you, or any of your party, decide to check out early, the full amount of the booking will be charged to the debit/credit card under whose name the booking has been made.
5.11) Smoking, eating of takeout food, the washing of clothing and/or the consumption of alcohol is not permitted on the premisis. An additional cleaning fee will be charged (up GBP500) and your booking will be terminated with immediate effect. You will be liable for the outstanding balance of the booking including unused nights.
5.12) Antisocial, drunken or disorderly behavior will not be tolerated. If you are asked to leave the premisis for these reasons we cannot refund any of the monies paid and the full stay charge will still apply.
5.13) If the property is damaged by any reckless or deliberate means, a full charge will be levied to cover the cost of the items damaged and the loss of any income to the business if the rooms have to be taken out of use.
5.14) Any payment due owing to curtailment or damage to the property will be deducted from the debit/credit card number provided at the time of booking. Notification of any such transactions will be provided in writing or by email.
5.15) It is your responsibility to report any accidental spillages so that the affected area can be treated without undue delay.
5.16) CCTV is in operation on the premises for the protection of our Guests, Staff and the property itself.
5.17) It is your responsibility to ensure you have all your belongings with you when you leave. Charges may apply for the onward postage of items.
5.18) We regret we cannot accept children under 10 or pets, other than guide dogs.