Green Tourism

Environmental Policy:

As a business we at West End Guest House take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We live in a very beautiful part of the country and therefore feel it is our duty to look after it and to encourage others to do so too.Since taking over the West End Guest House in March 2008, we have undertaken a huge amount of refurbishment to the property and in doing so have made a significant number of changes reducing our carbon footprint therefore providing responsible and sustainable tourism.Our goal is to meet the standards outlined by the Green Tourism Business Scheme.Here is a brief summary of our key environmentally friendly policies:


Wherever possible we source our ingredients from local producers supporting the local economy and lowering food miles.We regularly screen our suppliers.We use organic produce wherever possible.


We have reduced our overall consumption of electricity by using low energy lighting throughout and switching off unused electrical items.We have applied notices to all electrical appliances in the guest rooms to remind our guests to do so also.We use PIR lighting in the corridors and on the front door. We use solar lighting in the garden and in the car parking area.We have renewed our fridge/freezers to meet the highest energy efficiency rating.We have replaced the double glazed windows in all of the guest bedrooms and we continue to replace these as part of our ongoing refurbishment throughout.Heavy duty thermal lined curtains have been applied to the single glazed sash windows. Draught excluders also applied.We have increased the thermal insulation to 300ml in the roof space and some of the ceilings have been internally insulated where access was not possible via the roof space.We use all season goose down duvets allowing us to regulate the temperature requirements of our guests according to the needs of the seasons reducing the need for additional heating.We regularly monitor our energy bills and liaise with all of the energy companies to obtain the best rate when the contracts are up for renewal.


We use a highly efficient gas condensing boiler with a AAA rated heating pump. All guest bedrooms and personal rooms have thermostatic radiator valves. Overall control of the heating system is via programmable thermostat with optimisation and night set back. This insures that the building reaches the desired temperature by the required time. Where possible, the pipe work has been insulated below the floor.


Refurbishment of the bathrooms enabled us to fit taps with reduced flow rate and current four and half/six litre WC system. To further reduce water consumption, we have installed flow restrictors to the electric showers and boosted power showers. Finally, we had a pressure reducing valve fitted to the incoming cold water supply which has reduced the mains pressure from 4 barg to 2 barg reducing water wastage further.We collect water from the roof whenever possible via water buts to water the garden.We change guest sheets every three days and towels every two days unless otherwise required or requested. We use a laundry service to reduce the consumption of water and subsequent utility bills.


We recycle paper, plastic, tins, glass and cardboard.We use a kitchen waste disposable unit.We use a breakfast slip system to reduce food wastage and monitor portion control.We use toiletry dispensers in all of the bathrooms to reduce the use of plastic materials and minimise waste.We buy in bulk wherever possible reducing travel miles.We use rechargeable batteries wherever possible and re-cycle the others at Tesco.


We use recyclable cleaning fluid wherever possible.We use glass as opposed to plastic wherever possible.We encourage our guests to leave their cars on the drive and take the bus down the Dale or walk into town.

Social &Communication:

We provide information and facilities for those with limited mobility. Please ask for details.We provide information on our towel policy in all of the bathrooms.Ian is also able to advise on Solar panels, PV panels etc given that he is a Renewable Energy Consultant at Revolution Power and a Consultant Design Engineer